Why LME Services?

A Comparative Analysis of LME vs Other I.T. Providers



Their Support Process

You call for help, get put into a HelpDesk queue and then hope for a quick response and ALSO pray that whoever gets your support ticket knows your network and what their doing.


Their Team

Most IT Companies have a lot of overhead so in order to hit their margins they need to staff cheap, low level technicians. On average we see that most firms staff 80% of their firm with these low level (Tier 1) support and that means that when you call your getting someone who barely knows your network and who has only a rudimentary understanding of I.T. Support


Their Pricing

They have Gold Plans and Platinum Plans all manner of up-sells that get confusing and which, truth be told, may or may not be valuable to your operations.  They have yearly agreements, tie themselves into all your licensing and hosted agreements and make distancing yourself a real pain, so much so that companies typically just stick with the same lousy IT support because they know that moving away will be a major headache.

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Our Support Process

When you work with LME, you get 2 points of contact with a 3rd person knowledgeable about your network as an emergency contact.   You have those 2 techs cell phone numbers or you can call either call their cell phones or call our main line and be patched through or have a ticket created for you.  If a ticket is created only the techs you know and love will handle their resolution.


The LME Team

We are small & family run and because we require at least 10 years of IT support experience, the people you talk to ALWAYS fall into the Tier 3 category.  You will get 2 main support techs and those 2 people will know your network inside and out and whenever you need help, you talk directly with them.  We don’t staff Tier 1, we don’t have turnover and because we have a wide breadth of knowledge we can assist with any tech questions, from VOIP and Network Security to Web Design and SEO.


Our Pricing

We have a suite of tools that we know and love and we put those on your network and let them protect you.  There are no Gold or Platinum Plans, we simply give you what you need and either charge you monthly or let you pay as you go.  We don’t require yearly agreements, we make sure everything you purchase is registered to you and we make sure you understand what you are getting and why because it helps us to better do our job in the long run.

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What You Get With LME


With over hundreds of clients served over a 20+ year span, we have the references and experience necessary to give you the highest level of support


All our techs are local and can be available onsite to help with any issue. We make sure everyone you talk to is an elite I.T. support tech and that you always know the person you are talking to


With one simple migration your business will transition to have the best tools for protecting and monitoring your systems. They alert you to impending hardware failures or strange activity and create a set it and forget it type of freedom

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We don’t do long convoluted contracts, we simply give you the tools to stay safe and productive, we then keep an eye on things to make sure it all works and provide a number to call if you ever need help.

-Leon Engelking, Owner

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