Why Encryption is so Important

importance of encryption

Why Encryption is so Important

Let’s face it, computers, phones and tablets are hackable.  Microsoft, Apple and Google all have Zero Days (fatal security flaws) that talented hackers and state sponsored organizations can use to get anything they want off of your devices.

The only real protection we have is Encryption.  Encryption is our way of ensuring that only we can access and read a device.

The only problem with encryption is that once you un-encrypt a device (which you will have to do in order to use it) then everything becomes accessible again.

So what that basically means, is that the only time encryption has any real value is when you have something stolen.  As soon as that device gets turned on you will be presented with a request for the encryption password.  If you don’t have it, no amount of brute force or cleverness will get you past that screen.

Passwords on a computer are great but as soon as you pull the hard drive and plug that drive into a new computer, those files can be copied or opened as if there was no security ever there.  If however, that hard drive was encrypted than the files would be unreadable.  Encryption is key for laptops because these are the devices most likely to go missing.

Stolen Laptop without encryption = Files easily opened

Stolen Laptop WITH encryption = Files unreadable

How encryption basically works is that all the information on a drive is re-written into gibberish.  The only way to read the gibberish is with a key, a key that cannot be duplicated, faked, hacked or tricked.  It requires a key and if you don’t give it the key, then all you have is unreadable gibberish.  Imagine Pig-Latin times a billion.

So if you have a laptop or any device that needs to be theft-proof, you need to encrypt it.  There are several programs and tools that will do this, so if you want to learn more just give us a call or email us and we can go over your options in more detail.



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