WannaCry Ransomware Virus Explained

WannaCry Ransomware Virus Explained


What is the WannaCry Ransomware Virus?

Simply put, the Wannacry virus is just another in a series of Ransomware viruses that encrypts your data and files and makes them inaccessible unless you pay for the hackers for the key or restore the files from a backup.

How does the virus get on my computer?

Thank the NSA for this one.  Their constant attempts to hack and monitor everyone’s computers was the driving force behind this exploit.  The NSA created a tool that could hack any Windows computer by exploiting a flaw in Window’s security.  These hacking tools were then stolen from the NSA and are now being used by hacker groups around the world.  Thanks for keeping us safe NSA, your the best

How do I protect myself?

Normally, I would say something like “be diligent about the files and emails you open” but in this case, you don’t have to do anything to be vulnerable to getting hacked, the exploit was so wide open that it could be exploited without you having done a thing to let it in.  Luckily, Microsoft has already patched the flaw so you just have to make sure you have that patch installed

Where do I get the patch?

If you have Windows 10, then Windows updates should have installed it automatically. If you have Win7 or Win8 then you want to make sure you run your Windows Updates from the control panel and as long as it says that you have all the updates and there are no more to be installed than you are all set.

How do I check if I have it?

Go to your Control Panel, click Programs and “Uninstall Programs”, on the upper left side, click on “View Installed Updates”, do a search for KB4013429. If you have it, then your safe, if you don’t then go to Windows Updates and install every available patch it shows.


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