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Go Straight to your engineer every time you call

Have you ever called AT&T or Comcast or an MSP and been stuck dealing with an obnoxious low-level tech support person who can’t fix your issue and AFTER AN HOUR FINALLY PATCHES YOU THROUGH to the Tier 3 person who then fixed your issue in minutes!?

Imagine there was a magic number that took you DIRECTLY TO THAT ENGINEER EVERY TIME and you can grasp what we’ve built at LME.  We’ve learned that most of our competitor’s staff following the 80/20 rule, where 80% is Tier 1 and the 20% is Tier 2+. LME does I.T. Services different because WE ONLY STAFF WITH TECHNICIANS WITH 20K HOURS OF EXPERINECE, meaning you get straight to the expert every time you call

Over 30 Years Managing Business Apps Like Yours

Leon started providing IT Services in 1994 with the goal of creating a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full Programming Department. You receive the benefits of having experienced and knowledgeable app design staff without the associated staffing commitment. We cost less, have more experience and give you a TEAM of technology professionals to work with.  The problem with the coding industry is an overall lack of talent when it comes to handling legacy apps.  Call us and talk with a programmer that has been doing it since before Windows used a mouse

A Locally Staffed and Family Run Tech Services Company

You deal with same people EVERY time you call and you see the same faces EVERY time we come to your office because we DON’T outsource. Dealing with a Local Program Consulting company means knowing and trusting the people handling your systems.  Your Support system is stable and consistent because we have a core team of talent that isn’t going anywhere.  We want you to know and trust the people you are dealing with and to understand that we take a long-term view on both your business apps and systems

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FoxPro Offerings

System Design

SBT, Business Apps, Visual, FoxPro

Business App Maintenance

Legacy Apps, Custom Programs, SBT, DOS, Legacy Windows

Program Integration

Outlook, CRM, Quickbooks, SBT, Word, Excel

Legacy Applications

WIndows 95, Windows 2000, Windows XP, DOS, NT, Server 2003