We had LME come in and review tech work processes that we had used for years and after implementing some simple changes we easily increased employee productivity by 15%

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Reach out to our Technology Productivity Consultants to see how we can simplify your technology usage 

Technology Productivity Consulting Services

Why you need a Technology Productivity Consultant

Why use a Technology Productivity Consultant?

Most businesses build their workflows piecemeal as they grow.  They add software here, computers there and then a sprinkle in a cloud system or new employee as needed. What a Technology Productivity Engineer does is review the entire workflow of your team, from top to bottom so that you can see how much time is being wasted on inefficiencies like improper program usage, lack of education on ideal software usage, role confusion, duplication of processes, poor hardware and software design and a myriad of other issues

How Does a Technology Productivity Consultant help?

After we review your existing workflows, process, software and hardware we then sit down with each applicable employee and review how they do their day to day job.  After the macro and micro work processes have been reviewed we design optimized processes aimed at simplifying a user’s work life, increasing productivity and removing as many obstacles as possible from every step of the work process.  Our goal is to make your entire organization 10%-20% more productive

Why Choose LME for Technology Productivity Consulting?

We have been supporting business technology for over 20 years and have found that every business needs help when it comes to their technology.  With our vast array of technological administration experience, we have accumulated an unparalleled array of experience when it comes to the usage and design of technological processes.  When you work with LME, you get a team of experts who review every click, step, and process down to the millisecond

Technology Productivity Hacks
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Why LME is Right for your Technology Productivity Needs


With over hundreds of clients served over a 25 year span, we have the references and experience to handle your technology needs

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Don’t spend millions of dollars on new systems and employees when some simple software and employee training could do the job.  Just give us a call and see what our Technology Productivity Engineer has to say…

Better Productivity that Costs Less

We've tested every major software and hardware solution, and know all the major platforms inside and out so when it comes to designing a work process we blow past the competition


We meet with you to discuss a schedule and then hold your hand every step of the way to make sure everyone understands what's happening and understands what we are doing and why it's beneficial


After the transition is complete your business will transition from clunky and piecemeal to efficient and advanced