How to Setup Scan to SMB on a Mac

How to Setup Scan to SMB on a Mac

I ran into some annoyances while trying to setup a Xerox to scan to SMB on a Mac.  This fix may work for Canon, Konica and Kyocera as well but I can only confirm Canon copier/scanners as of now.


On the Mac, create a folder on the desktop called Scans

Go to “system preferences” and then “file sharing”

Enable file sharing, click on the Plus in the shared folders tab and select the Scans folder you created

Click on “options” and check all the available options

Make sure to also give read/write to the account you’re going to be referencing in the copier, scanner

Make note of the IP address of the Mac because I had issues getting the Canon to resolve the Mac’s by hostname

Login to the Canon GUI using the IP address in a web browser

(this area is dependent on your machine)

Select Add destination

Choose SMB and then choose IPV4 and SMB, enter the Mac’s IP address

Confirm the username and password and then for “share” or ”path” just enter “Scans” (this varies from model to model but you should only enter Scans and the IP address of the Mac

Each copier version varies so you may have to play with which field required the folder name but as long as you followed the initial steps to properly setup sharing, you can at least know that the issue will be with properly filling in the fields on the copier/scanner

That is how you setup scan to SMB on Mac

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