SEO Case Study

SEO CASE STUDY – California Law Firm SEO Implementation


Law Office of Alexandra R. McIntosh – Lawyer


Alexandra McIntosh, a San Diego County based Law Firm, had the goal of increasing business by generating more leads and traffic from their website and online presence.




Alexandra’s Law Firm, which focuses on Divorce and Family Law, found our profile on and reached out to us about her challenges generating business via her website.  She was using Weebly, a somewhat limited website platform, and was unsure how to properly use the system to generate traffic.  Our job was properly set up the text and backend and also review her off-site presence in order to ensure that all aspects of her online presence came together and let potential clients know that she was the right lawyer for them. Our challenges included:


  • Setting up SEO on Weebly, a locked down and limited website designing program that does not have the capabilities of WordPress, Joomla or the other major web development systems
  • No Keyword Research had been done so we needed to research search traffic patterns in her area and find out what areas of law she could target
  • Lot’s of competitive businesses within her a business service area
  • Little to no work had been done with her on-page or off-page SEO
  • Tracking down login information for the website, business profiles, hosting solutions
  • Getting analytics quickly setup and monitored so that we could deliver our client metrics that proved we were accomplishing our goals
  • Re-writing and re-organizing almost the whole of the website




With a signed SEO Contract in place, we formulated a 2 Month plan to fix her on-site SEO issues while also implementing some key off-site strategies. The SEO project went as follows:


  • Researched keyword volumes in her area and gathered information on her law firm’s areas of legal practice
  • Implemented Keywords naturally into her headlines and page text
  • Add Clicky Web Analytic’s software and monitored traffic patterns
  • Added proper titles into images and also added new images
  • Cleaned up page structure and design
  • Adjusted Website’s title and focused on legal services rather than her founding date and location
  • Add page descriptions and proper page titles
  • Setup SSL Certificate and directed traffic to HTTPS instead of HTTP
  • Added Social Proof and increased the confidence in the brand
  • Properly setup Google Business, Bing Business and other directory profiles
  • Setup Links to her site in reputable and appropriate websites




With the help of LME, The Law Office of Alexandra R. McIntosh increased their daily traffic from around 40 to 60 visitors and went from 26 conversions in 10 months to 11 conversions in just under 2 months. 


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