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Being a Manager at IBM taught me 3 Key Things:

1. Bad I.T. systems can sink a business

2. The solutions need to be simple

3. The client needs to be happy.

I promise that these focuses along with our business technology acumen will have you thrilled that you scheduled a call.”

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Leon Engelking,

Owner of LME Services

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IT Consulting / Managed Services

An IT Consultant’s goal should be to make everything simple. Too often IT “Professionals” over-complicate, over-engineer and over-price a business network. Our goal is to design optimized networks with as few moving parts as possible. When it’s all said and done, we want to create a solution that works, that’s affordable and which let’s you focus on more important things (like planning your next vacation).


It’s IMPORTANT to remember that your website is only part of your ONLINE PRESENCE and that your online goals should be about cohesive messaging, clear benefits, increasing traffic and finally, converting that traffic into paying customers. Every Image, Word and Layout Choice should be viewed through the prism of whether it will increase or decrease value to your visitors


Online Marketing isn't difficult yet Most business owners view it as a foreign and potentially dangerous plunge. Well the truth is, it's the most calculated investment you can make. We educate our clients on the strategies that work; develop messaging that adheres to their brand and then work together to pick a budget that will bring results. Everything in Online Marketing can be tracked so within just a few days we will know what is working and ditch what isn't.