Ransomware Stopper

The LME Ransomware Stopper That Is So Simple Anyone Can Use It


What Does It Do:

  • Our system monitors and computer or server for suspicious file activity based on whatever parameters you like.  You can tell our system that 30 files edits in 5 minutes is suspicious or that 100 File Opens in 1 hour is suspicious and our system kicks in.  It can send email alerts, lock user accounts, log people off their computer and more…

How Does It Work:

  • We have combines file monitoring with AD integration which allows our system to monitor any Windows computer and stop any Windows user account dead in their tracks

Why Has No One Else Done This:

  • That’s a great question, it really is simple.  We monitor your data, alert you based of your parameters and then kick on whatever protocols you want and whatever time you want.


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