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Email phishing is a term that describes a scenario where hackers send out emails with the goal of getting you to click on a bogus link or attachment.

Hackers send these emails with the hopes that you will go to a website that looks legit and then submit your login information (or other sensitive info) to them.

You might think you’re employees are too smart to fall for these scams but according to a joint research effort headed by Google, a lot more people are falling for these increasingly clever ploys then you may think.

According to the Goggle study, the best phishing emails are opened 45% of the time while low success rates were around 3% effective. 

Considering how many emails are fired out every day, that’s still a very concerning number.

To go even further, they say that on average, people who click on these bogus emails will then submit their personal details or login information a shocking 14% of the time.

We’ve found that the key to lowering these percentages is a 3 Step Process:


  1. Email Phishing Test and Education
  2. Spam Filtering
  3. Multi-Factor Authentication


By educating your staff, it greatly reduces the likelihood that they will open and click on those emails.

By incorporating a business grade email filtering solution, you reduce the amount of spam that gets through to your staff

And by turning on MFA, you make it takes more than just a password to get into your work computers.

So, if you want to find out who’s susceptible, who’s click-happy and how far they’ll go, then try our phishing email service; the process is secure and results in a detailed report of who clicked on THE BAD Emails.

These email scams are getting more clever every day but at their core, they only want 2 things:

  1. To Install their Virus
  2. Get your login info and spread



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