Need Help, My Server Crashed!

Need Help, My Server Crashed!

I Need Help, my Windows Server Crashed!


Server crashes aren’t the end of the world, so let’s breathe and start the diagnosis procedure (or better yet, click on the Chat Button on the bottom right to talk to us).

Server’s can crash for a lot of reasons so diagnosing it can be quite an involved process with lots of digging and hours of error log reviewing.

What I want to do here is give you an idea of what causes it so that you can at least be pointed in the right direction.


Is your server booting to Windows and then having issues?

Need Help, My Server Crashed!

An example of networking issues. The server is running but it can’t find the internet

If your getting to Windows and getting assorted errors, issues or communication failures than you are likely dealing with a Windows or Networking issue.

These issues either require someone who knows Networking (firewalls, switches, modems, etc.) or someone who knows about your Server’s operating system (Windows Server Experts, Linux Experts, etc.).

Networking issues are typically easier to deal with as they typically require replacing something rather than digging through tons of errors looking for a needle in a haystack.


Is your server showing Black or Blue Screen that shows a bunch of error messages before it gets to the login screen

How to Fix server Boot Error

Boot Errors typically mean it can’t see your hard drives or the operating system got corrupted

If you’re not even getting to Windows than your looking at Operating System failure or hardware failure.

Operating System failures again can be large or small and will require someone with a deep working knowledge on the version of the operating system your server is using.

Hardware issues can be resolves typically through testing each part until you find the failure.  It could be hard drives, memory, Raid Controllers, Power Supplies, etc.

Again, you will need to have a working understanding of how computers work in order to figure out which piece of hardware is limiting your server’s performance or a knowledge of your server’s operating system to figure out why it won’t boot up.


My server is not even turning on or shuts right off 

schaumburg hoffman estates server experts

Servers have a lot of parts that can go bad so be careful

Almost definitely you are having power or hardware issues.

If its a power issue, try different cables, different power supplies, different outlets and confirm you have the power needed to run the device.

If it has proper power than it is a hardware issue.

Hardware issues again require a deeper diagnosis but if you’re not getting any life in the machine you should start with the power supply/motherboard and then go from there.



Server issues typically fall into 3 categories:  Software issues, Hardware Issues or Networking Issues.

Hopefully we helped point you in the right direction

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