Hyper-V Guest OS Network Adapter Not Working Fix

Hyper-V Guest OS Network Adapter Not Working Fix

So today we are going to review our Hyper-V Guest OS Network Adapter Not Working Fix

We implement a lot of Hyper-V servers because Hyper-V is free, simple and easy (well, easy enough at least)

We have had a couple of scnearios where a 2012 Guest OS suddenly stopped having network connectivity after a reboot

The first time this happened I checked all the common hardware issues but the host server was working so I knew it was HyperV related.

Upon further examination we found that the integration services were not working therefore a ton of vital services in guest OS would not start

Since the integration services couldn’t start a lot of other integral services also couldn’t kick off and thus, the hyper-v guest OS network adapter failure was a byproduct of that

After doing the requisite google searches, I was told to install integration services, which were already installed.  That obviously didn’t work so I found registry fix that did

To perform the Hyper-V OS fix, open up the regedit program on the Hyper-V guest OS

Navigate to HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HTTP and create the following Multi-string value: DependOnService

Double click the new DependOnService registry entry and Type CRYPTSVC into the Value Data field and click OK.

Reboot the guest OS

You should see all of your virtual server’s services kick on like normal now

So, the Hyper-V Guest OS Network Adapter Not Working Fix is to properly diagnose that a lot of integral services are failing, if that is the case then simply add this registry fix and watch the screwiness go away

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