What does Chrome’s Incognito Browsing Mode do?

What does the Chrome incognito tab do?

The chrome incognito tab is basically a simple way of telling Google Chrome to not save a LOCAL record of the websites you visit. Most websites put a cookie (a small bit of tracking data) on your computer so that marketers can see what website you have previously visited and can then display appropriate ads to you on future website visits.

Think of this way, when you go to zappos.com for shoes and then see those same shoes being advertised to you on a completely different website it’s because a cookie has been left on your computer that cookie is telling advertisers that you were recently at the Zappos website and were ready to buy.


How incognito am I really?

Incognito mode only prevents Chrome from saving your website activity to YOUR computer, it does nothing to stop the real mass data trackers like:

Your Internet service provider

Government Entities

Your employer (if you’re using a work computer)

and the websites themselves can still track your visit


So what does the chrome incognito tab really do?

All incognito mode does is stop Chrome from keeping a local record of the places you’ve been, your IP Address is still public so big brother, the ISP’s and anyone providing internet to you still gets to see everything your doing online (and FYI, they can now legally sell that information now thanks to Trump).

OK, so it’s not all that Incognito but how do I use it?

Install and open Google Chrome.

At the top right, click on the 3 Dots and choose, “New Incognito Window”

The new window should be black/gray and in the top left corner you should see the Incognito icon

If you see this icon then your “incognito”, sort of (but not really)


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