Create Web URL Desktop Shortcut that Opens in Internet Explorer IE

I needed this because a client has an internal Web Program that only works with IE.  They wanted to mandate that everyone uses internet explorer but GP does not have a simple provision for that.  So in this case we decide to create a desktop shortcut to the URL and force the shortcut to open using Internet Explorer (IE).

How to do it:

Create Web URL Desktop Shortcut that Opens in Internet Explorer IE

  1. Create a dedicated GPO and assign it to a test OU
  2. Make sure that your test user is within that OU (or it will not apply)
  3. Right click on your GPO and select edit
  4. Expand User “Configuration”, “Preferences”, and “Windows Settings”
  5. Select “Shortcuts”
  6. Right click in the empty space to the left and select “New” and “Shortcut”
  7. For “Action” select “Replace” (so that if you want to delete it later it will remove it from everyone’s desktop
  8. In the “Name” Field put an appropriate display name for the shortcut
  9. For “Target type” select “File System Object”
  10. For “Location” select “Desktop”
  11. In the “Target Path” text box put C:Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe or use the browse button to navigate to the location of Internet Explorer (you don’t need quotes for any of these fields)
  12. In the “Arguments” text box put the URL that you need to open with Internet explorer
  13. In the “Icon file path” text box type the file path of the icon or use the browse button to navigate to the location of the icon (make sure the users will have rights to that folder)
  14. Click on the Common tab and check “remove this item when it is no longer needed)
  15. Click OK and Close all open windows
  16. Now go to a computer and login as your test user and you should see the Shortcut with the icon and correct URL

That is how to create a Web URL Desktop Shortcut that will Open in Internet Explorer IE

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