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Figure out who you are and then Figure out who they are


Jon opens up google and types in ‘IT Services near me’ to see what his competition looks like (this is what we call Market Research in 2019).

He knows that his current company is lazy, provides low-level tech support and has set a low bar to its clients, but what is everyone else doing?

Time to figure out what is everyone else around you us offering (I.E., how will you stand out when people are Googling and review you versus the competition)

  • Is everyone else pricey or cheap
  • do they provide the same services, or do they offering different services
  • Do they target commercial, residential, non-profits
  • Do they all have the same verbiage on their websites
  • Is their marketing serious or goofy
  • do they speak Spanish
  • have they been in business for a long time
  • are the family owned?


What you need to do is look at everyone competitor around you (specifically on the first 2 pages of Google) and see what your competition is doing and then find a DIFFERENT way to solve people’s problems.

Create a different message (or brand), market to a different sector, offer an ‘adjusted’ or ‘improved’ solution and find a way to separate yourself from the competition; stay in the ballpark, mind you, just be different.

The reason that you need to be different, rather than play it safe and be the same, is because ‘Company X’ is already doing X and has probably been doing X for a lot longer than you.

Rather than compete with X and set yourself up a clone be Y and provide your prospective clients an alternative option.  One that will help them improve, grow and succeed – not just move laterally.

Simon Sinek would call this your “WHY”.

He argues that the ‘WHY’ of your business is the most important aspect of your business’s identity because it is what helps people identify and resonate with.

So, when you are researching your competition, ask what their ‘WHY’ is or what specifically they are telling their clients.

Most of them won’t have a ‘WHY’, as they all have the same cookie-cutter messaging and stock photos all over their website.

page 1 ebook how to start and MSP company

Generic Headline – Check –  Generic white guy or girl looking at a computer – Check

Find the gap in what your competition is (or isn’t offering) and then fill it.

Instead of stock photos and hollow business jargon, take pictures of yourself, have funny videos, offer alternative pricing, offer different services, use different colors designs – Get Creative

Be the small business guy, be the female-owned business girl, be the cheap option, be the expensive option, be bilingual, be goofy, be serious, scare people, whatever…

Know your W3 because it will define your company and make sure to keep that brand consistent across all your channels, both in person and online.

If you’re serious on your website, then show up to meetings in a suit; if you’re goofy, then wear a ponytail and flip-flops.

Your business cards, social media posts, headlines, tag lines, designs, proposals, voicemail messages, emails and everything else that represents your business needs to have a consistent tone.

If people smell something off or disjointed they will simply move onto the next website, consultant, salesperson, etc. 

So, let’s get back to Jon and his market research.

His google market research for ‘IT companies in Scottsdale’ results in him discovering 4 competing I.T companies.

One is a solo consultant, the 2nd has an out-of-date website with little information, the 3rd is the company that he currently works for and the 4th is a Web Design company that ‘also’ does IT.

Jon develops an identity for his competition by checking their Facebook, their LinkedIn, their reviews, their business profiles and even calls them and pretends he is a small business who needs IT support so as to discover their pricing and customer service.

Jon is a sly fox.

Jon decides, after reviewing his competitors, that he is ‘Jon’s IT Consulting Company and that he offers the fastest and most cost-effective IT solutions in all of Scottsdale and that you should give a shit because most IT companies overcharge you by 25%’.

Jon has now started a conversation with his clients and clearly stated his value proposition.

“Hello Warm Lead,

Did you know that your current IT Company charges you way more than I do and that their average resolution time is double that of what I provide?

WAHHH, you didn’t know that!!??

Well, I think perhaps you and I should have a conversation….

Does Wednesday work for you?

It does, why that’s fantastic…

I’ll come by and you can tell me more about your fantastic company and all your needs!”

    • Yours Truly, Jon, the IT Guy who is starting to make some serious MONEY!!!!
    • PS. Please ignore my signature, I copied it word for word from some crappy eBook I found online


When we get to section 3 I will teach you all about messaging, both on your website and in your appearance, but for now, let’s finish Step1.

Jon now has a business offering, a value proposition, messaging, competitive analysis and business plan before lunch!

Jon decides it’s time to start moving forward with his, GULP, new business!!!

He decides it’s time to move onto step 2 and start the business registration process. This is where you start a business, without the risk.

Oh gawsh, I’m so excited for Jon (and for you, because as you know Jon is just an allegory for you  {I know, I use way too many brackets [I think it’s because I took to many whacks to the head playing Football] I’m working on it} so let’s get to it).

See how easy Step 1 was…

Are you getting jacked for Step 2…

I sure hope so because Step 2 is just as easy as Step 1…

I use too many …. don’t I…

It’s starting to look like a Trump tweet, isn’t it…

Anyways, shall we move on to………

Step 2 – Registering your Business and Make it Really Real without the Risk


If you find this valuable or think it sucks or want more info then please comment below.  If I don’t get comments I will stop writing this book

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