godaddy bought my searched domain name

Does GoDaddy and Network Solutions Buy Searched Domains

Do GoDaddy and Network Solutions Buy Searched Domains ?

Do GoDaddy and Network Solutions buy searched domains? Why yes, diligent tech investigator, they certainly do.  Seems kind of scummy, doesn’t it?  Yep, it sure does.

Now, GoDaddy and Network Solutions will of course say that they don’t do this, but they do and it’s called “domain name front running” (wiki even as an article on it).

How do they do it?

See, what had happened was… you go on GoDaddy’s website to search for an available domain name using their easy to use search functions (Network Solutions does this too.) and then they take that search info as a hint that you are probably going to buy that domain at some point.

So if you don’t buy that domain name toot sweet, it’s going to cost you more.

As a test, I did a search for a domain (someone’s name with CPA added to the end) on GoDadd’y website and sure enough it was available and ready for purchase at only $11.99.

I went back a week later and BOOM!  It’s now been purchased by “someone” but GoDaddy will offer to provide a ‘Domain Buy Service’ for $69.99 PLUS COMMISSION.

How kind of them to offer to reach out to this person to see if they will sell the domain to me.

Do a test yourself, search for some obscure domain name no one wants and then check back in a week, you’ll see!

It’s a total scam that happens with many large Domain Registrars.

Even if they aren’t the ones doing it, they sure as heck know who is and aren’t stopping them.

How can I search for a Domain Name without having GoDaddy or Network Solution buy it out from underneath me?

Go to or instead when searching for domain names

They don’t perform scummy practices like those other guys and their prices are just as good (or often better).

They are also a good places to get affordable SSL certificates  (and which are another source of scumbaggery with GoDaddy – check an SSL cert price on Namecheap versus GoDaddy and you’ll see what I mean) and also a good place to purchase web hosting packages.

I don’t have an affiliation with any of these companies, I just hate shady business practices and wanted to share this info.

So, do GoDaddy and Network Solutions buy searched domains? You bet they do! Is it scummy; yup, but it’s not illegal.  Is there a way to search for domains free of their oilly interference, you betcha!

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