Direct TV Picture Cuts Off on Both Sides

Direct TV Picture Cuts Off on Both Sides

Randomly my Direct TV HD picture on my Vizio started cutting off the sides and seemed to be zoomed in and low res.  I tried setting to widescreen and checking the TV settings but the issue was only with the cablebox input as my PS4 and Chromecast worked fine.

I checked their forum but much like their tech support, that was a waste of time.

The fix ended up being that I had to go into the settings of the cablebox.

Menu > Settings & Help > Settings > Display > TV Resolutions > un-check 480i and 480p options.  For some reason it would always default to the low resolution.  This is hardly a fix since it seems hell bent on the going to the lowest res for all the channels but we can simply add this to the list of why Direct TV is awful.

Joe’s other complaints about Direct TV:

  1. 7 Second pop-up on every channel telling me that I can rewind the show
  2. Constant ‘Try the Scoreboard’ pop-up on sports channels that rarely works
  3. Slow channel changing transition


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