Glad we chose LME for our Office cabling job, our new Patch Panel looks fantastic!

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Network & Data Cable Installation Services


Performing Data Cabling Services Since 1994

Why LME?

LME has been providing IT and Cabling Services since 1994.  We understand I.T., Data Centers, and proper cabling because do Networking from the ground up. We are A rated on the BBB, have extensive references and aim to make your network as clean and efficient as possible.

How Does the Data Cabling Process Work?

We review your existing infrastructure, what cabling you already have and what you may need in the future and then create a plan for toning out and cleaning up existing cabling, adding to new cabling and planning for future growth. We then provide our quote and create a schedule so that you have expectations on what to expect and when to expect it.

What Data Cabling Services do you Provide?

  • CAT3, CAT5, CAT6 and RJ11
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Closed Circuit Systems
  • Wireless Access Points and Mounting
  • Patch Panels and Server Room Installation
  • Network Drops and Port Labeling
  • Toning and Labeling of Existing Cables
Cyber Security, Ransomware and Virus Protection

Local Cabling Experts

Stop dealing with messy and confusing cabling and get your network setup right

Why your Data Cabling will go Smooth


With over hundreds of clients served over a 5+ year span, we have the references and experience to get your O365 Migration done right

cyber security and IT Services consultants

We’ve spent years doing patch panels, server rooms and Ethernet cabling runs so we can step right in and make sure your cabling gets done professionally

Because Proper Cabling is the ONLY Choice

Either you haphazardly add cables over the course of time and create a networking mess that costs more in the long run, or you run the cabling right the first time and cut out all the hassle


We meet with you to discuss a schedule and then hold your hand every step of the way to make sure everyone understands what's happening and what to expect when cabling is done


With one simple process we can transition your office from a rats nest of cabling to a clean and properly labeled networking nirvana