Cyber Security For Your SMB

Being a Manager at IBM taught me 3 Key Things about Cyber Security:

1. The Hackers are working harder at stealing your data than you are at protecting it

2. Everyone is 1 Hack away from losing their business

3. Their needs to be at least 2 layers of security for every step of access

Viruses and Hacking are a Billion Dollar Business.  I promise that with a simple Cyber Security audit, we can create an environment that will diagnose your points of entry and treat them as seriously as the hackers do

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Leon Engelking,

Owner of LME Services

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Chicagoland's Cyber Security Consultants

A Cyber Security Consultant’s goal should be to make protection and alerting instant. Too often IT “Professionals” over-complicate, over-engineer and over-price cyber security. Our goal is to design optimized networks with as few moving parts as possible. When it’s all said and done, we want to create a solution that works, that’s affordable and which lets you sleep easy

So Simple Yet So Complex

It’s important to remember that your data is only one part of your cyber security plan and that your security goals should be centered on protecting, planning, and securing your network to the point that HACKERS RECOGNIZE THE AMOUNT OF EFFORT PUT INTO YOUR CYBER SECURITY THAT THEY GIVE UP AND MOVE ONTO EASIER TARGETS. Every program, appliance and procedure that we put in is centered on keeping your business a safe and protected environment

Designing Systematic Security

Cyber Security is a very achievable goal. The threats may be numerous and faceless but our answers are not. We know what tools work, which solutions stop the threats and which holes the hackers are looking to exploit. We help you implement Secured Backups, 2 Layer Authentication, Secure Passwords, Access Protocols, Fail Over, Spam and Malware Recognition and Instant Alerting. You won’t have to tell us that something is happening, OUR TOOLS WILL ALERT YOU IMMEDITALY AND PROMPTLY NEUTRALIZE IT