Connect Outlook to Office 365

Connect Outlook to Office 365

How to Connect Outlook to Office 365 in a Windows Domain


You would think that connecting a Microsoft Product (outlook 2010) to another Microsoft product (office 365) while on a Microsoft Domain would be simple, but its not.

So if you have a Microsoft server domain, outlook 2010 or outlook 2007 and office 365 then you will have some serious issues connecting outlook to office 365.  Here is how I got it to work.

  1. Make sure you have all your external Office 365 DNS records setup, to check go into the settings for your domain in Office 365 and make sure that your autodiscover and MSOID records are correct
  2. On the client PC, change the DNS server to an external source (
  3. Go through a new profile outlook configuration and do the autodiscover configuration, it should find the office 365 account and connect


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