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Let’s face it, computers, phones and tablets are hackable.  Microsoft, Apple and Google all have Zero Days (fatal security flaws) that talented hackers and state sponsored organizations can use to get anything they want off of your devices. The only real protection we have is Encryption. ...

How to Connect Outlook to Office 365 in a Windows Domain   You would think that connecting a Microsoft Product (outlook 2010) to another Microsoft product (office 365) while on a Microsoft Domain would be simple, but its not. So if you have a Microsoft server domain, outlook...

Extend Existing Appassure Repository   If you have AppAssure as your backup program and you run into a situation where you have an existing Appassure repository that you want to extend, Appassure will not allow you to extend it from the Core.  Normally Appassure wants you to...

Ever thought about running your own tech business?

You could work from home, maybe even get a cushy office downtown

You know the lifestyle, the one you hear other people talking about and get a little jealous of…

More time with family and friends, the freedom to spend your time as you see fit AND (this part is the best)  NO BOSS !!

Ok then, what’s holding you back!?

I want you to picture it now, because there has to be some wall in your mind

Some fear, some step your scared to take…

Seriously, why hasn’t it happened?

I’m sure there are people you know (or have worked with) that are probably a lot less qualified then you doing this very thing right now

I want you to image, that fear, that wall melting away

That’s what happened to me when I finally took the reins and quit my job

Counter-intuitive isn’t, quitting somehow REMOVING fear

Just watch this video, you’ll see…

how I managed to jump from ‘another guy on the totem-pole’ to head honcho in a matter of months

I’m Joe Engelking, I.T. guy turned Business Owner and I make 6 figures by playing disc golf with my friends, playing with my son  and by putting in a couple hours of work in a day

It doesn’t matter if you’re in I.T., Web Design, Programming, Networking, Online Marketing or sell “How to” DVD’s

It’s all the same because most business owners don’t want to deal with tech

They just want YOU to ‘Take Care of it’

If you’ve got the skills and know what it takes to get the job done, your ready

Heck, you probably ALREADY no more than your current “bosses”

In the last 3 years I took all learning bumps so that you don’t have to

I’ll give you the tools, software, leads and skills necessary for automating your growth

You could even start doing this on the weekends so that you can see it works and can Quit Your Job then

Because what I’ve learned in running my business is that GETTING STARTED IS THE HARDEST PART~!

Click on the link below and you’ll learn how I went from a 50K a year Help Desk guy (getting yelled at by Ass-hat of a boss) to the happy and comfortable self-employed Bossman that I am today


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