Add Dropbox Functionality to your Windows Server

Add Dropbox Functionality to your Windows Server


For years, people have wanted to add dropbox functionality to their windows servers so that they can easily access their server files while out of the office but businesses were stuck using VPNs, Remote Desktop to connect.

The problem, however, is that VPNs are slow and RDP requires you have an internet connection AND an office computer to connect to.

We had hoped that Office 365 would allow for this type of functionality but that never materialized because Sharepoint and OneDrive both suck.

So, the simple solution that we have come up with is:


Sync files with your windows server

Install Centre Stack on your Server and get Dropbox-esque functionality


Follow me now.  You have a Windows server and you want those files to be easily accessed on your laptop or personal computers no matter where you and regardless of your internet connectivity.

You want changes that you make to your files to automatically sync to your server as soon as you re-connect to the internet and you want people to work off your server regardless of their location or connectivity.

With Centre Stack on your server, you simply download the software and you get to access your server files just like you were using Dropbox, OneDrive or any of the other multitude of caching apps.


How to make your businesses remote file access much easier and better


  1. Call LME and tell them you want this feature
  2. We install the software on your server (or computer)
  3. Centre Stack integrates with your server’s user accounts and shares your files with the proper folder security
  4. Users download the app and can locally cache any files they want and then any changes made to those files will automatically sync to the server
  5. Your server is now like Dropbox and is fully cloud capable





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