A Brief History of LME’s Time


LME started shortly after the tech bubble began falling in on itself in the early ’90s.  Changes to the cost of computer systems and businesses access to modern technology created a shift in the way many businesses handled their technology and its support.

During the 80’s most companies had direct contracts with their hardware and software providers, meaning that companies simply called the company that supplied their tools and they would take care of any issues.

With the shift from larger more expensive technology solutions to the simple desktops and pre-packed software solutions that we see today, LME decided to open up a one-stop shop for companies that had a dearth of technology packages within their walls.

Keeping I.T. Small and Experienced


Leon decided to start small and keep the business manageable because quality control was a major issue for larger IT teams.  The goal was to employ only experts and those with a proven track record and let his competitor’s higher kids out of college (whom they could pay less while still charging a high labor rate).

LME’s growth was steady and their customer satisfaction unmatched.  Finding talent was difficult but Leon was happy to stay small if it meant keeping away the headaches of incompetency.

Expanded Technology Offerings


As the barrier to entry for important business technologies decreased (e-commerce websites, online marketing, SEO) the team at LME grew with the times and added talented individuals that could help companies to manage not just their computers and servers but also the money-making technology that was just as important to a growing business.

It was unique to find an IT company that understood web design, security and SEO so by having a well-rounded understanding of what technology means to a business owner, LME was able to start widening out their offerings and helping business in more ways.

It’s about being the best, not making the most


Growth was always a secondary option, Leon always wanted LME to grow naturally and avoid having their clients suffer the issues associated with larger IT firms, where support people shuffle, help is inconsistent and no one truly cared about the businesses on the other end of the phone.

LME stands firm on being the opposite of its competitors as our team is still compact and ultra-experienced.  We are family run and therefore treat our clients as vitally important part of our business in the way that only a family-run business can and because we have grown sustainably our clients know each and every one of us personally.  When you call LME, you know the person on the other end of the phone is comfortable with your systems and is ready to handle anything you throw at them.

Helping Chicagoland Businesses SINCE 1994

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Leon Engelking

 “Old School” 

Leon started his IT career as a technician at IBM and then as a Manager at Wang Industries before launching LME Services in 1994.  As one of Chicago’s first IT consulting companies, LME has established itself as the reliable option for businesses in need of affordable management. Today, Leon uses his vast business and technical experience to oversees quality and ensure top tier support.

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 Joe Engelking

“New School”

Born with a perpetual curiosity for technology, Joe benefited from his father’s access to IBM’s technology at an early age. From shadowing his father service calls to stepping out and working with other MSP’s and security contractors, Joe has accumulated a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in his 15+ years in the information technology field. Today, Joe oversees the Cyber Security Administration, Online Marketing and Project Management divisions

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