The Program that will Stop Ransomware and Employee Theft in its Tracks

program that stops ransomware

The Program that will Stop Ransomware and Employee Theft in its Tracks

LME Services Custom Program that can Stop Ransomware and Employee Theft in its Tracks


Data theft is a common occurrence and is something that is only getting more complex and prevalent but is getting harder and harder to stop.  What we have recognized is that data is stolen in 2 ways, via viruses and employee theft.  Viruses like Cryptolocker use ransomware technology to encrypt and offsite a copy your data to a hacker’s servers. While we may be able to restore your data and clean-up the virus you have no idea what the hacker is doing with your data and what type of financial and legal repercussions you may fall victim to.

The second most common data breach is from employees who copy or steal their employer’s information.

As a technology company that focuses on securing and protecting our client’s data we have invested a lot of time trying to find a solution that would protect our clients from these two scenarios.  What we have found is that while there are nice solutions that audit and alert malicious activity, there was no solution that would immediately take the necessary steps to stop the theft in its tracks.

The problem is that no matter how many failsafe’s we put in, as long as there is a person using a computer, there is the chance that information can start walking out the door.  In the interest of being a progressive and leading technology security provider we developed a solution that combines files auditing and PowerShell scripting into a theft protection suite that not only recognizes and alerts you but also takes active measures to stop the attack in its tracks.

There is no other solution quite like what we are offering so please reach out to us to learn more about how our tools will not only alert you to these malicious activities but will instantaneously stop the theft before it goes to far.




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